1930’s Oak sideboard


Exquisite and elegant for collectors or Art Deco lovers.
Authentic for its size and originality.
Simple and elegant. Ready to be used and decorated.
French oak piece of furniture 1,20 in height x 1,40 in width, found in Greece.
Delivered in Greece or Worldwide upon consultation with the buyer.


A very special piece of oak wood sideboard, which was transferred to Greece in the early ’30’s, from France together with other furniture to be used in an ambassador’s house in the Northern suburbs of Athens.
Solid and beautiful,represents the era as a whole.
The upper part consists of a higher level in the middle and all three upper parts are decorated with pinkish granite, also characteristic of the time.
Beautifully carved in hand. It holds its unique and authentic handles.
A “clean” piece to be enjoyed in everyday use and be shown as a rare and untouched Antique.