1923 Whitman’s Candy Tin with art by Alfons Mucha


Nicely aged 1lb candy tin from Whitman Candy Company made in 1923 by Alfons Mucha.
Mucha collaborated with a number of companies that featured his artwork as graphic advertising.
The Whitman Co was but one of them.
Mucha’s artwork can also be found on biscuit tins from the ’20s.


CANDY BOX for collectors!

This is a dated 1923 metal Whitman’s candy box, decorated with an Art Nouveau lady on the lid. The 7 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ box has a hinged lid with hinges workable and intact. The graphic design of the front side appears on all four sides of the box. The interior and bottom of the box are solid gold color. The box has good color, shows minor rubbing on edges and surface, minor dings and surface scratches on the inside and bottom, minor discoloration spots on edges and interior. Because of the shiney gold interior and bottom, photos were not taken as the camera flash causes large shiney spots. The lady on the lid is quite elegant. Colors are gold, tan, blues, and browns. This would make a wonderful table top decoration or a great advertising piece for a candy collector.